Personal wealth management solutions

InvestmentLink’s wealth management solution is a suite of tools and enhanced wealth data services that transform how those such as financial institutions, financial planners, accountants, tax agents, retail chains and disrupter app developers interact with their clients.

The full suite allows for your branding in the interface, or you can just use the particular module you need to enhance your current service. With easy implementation, it is the most efficient and inexpensive way for you to get to market.

Use either our easy to navigate branded dashboard with the full suite of components to consolidate client assets into one, or an individual module to enhance your current service. Both InvestmentLink wealth management solutions will close the gap between online banking and the specialised client experience.

We provide a range of ancillary options that can be added to your app or current service including:

  • Dynamic scaled super advice*: the only one in the market that self-updates as balances change in the fund
  • $5.95 share trades*: cheaper by more than 75% than some other providers
  • Dynamic credit scorecards
  • Reports: gaining insight into your clients’ financial lives (within your privacy policy) providing customised reports allowing you to offer additional targeted and cost effective services

* In development. Conditions apply.